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Audiosurf ver Beta 1.19.08 is the best Games Action for Windows . This Windows 's Games developed by Audio-surf Action developed by Audio-surf is buy and legal to use. it's have 8 rating from 1,260 users. More informastion about Audiosurf you can read below :

Audiosurf is a classic musical rhythm game. Import your own songs to create light-based race tracks in time with the beat, collecting points and high scores. Some preloaded tracks are also available.

To the beat

After nearly a decade since its release, Audiosurf is still the go-to custom musical rhythm game despite countless rivals and an official sequel. The game is part audio visualiser and part rhythm mini-game, with players choosing music from their hard drive. Songs are then used to create a custom track which follows along with the beat of a song, with points for keeping in time. Some tracks from Valve's Orange Box are included, but the main purpose is for user-generated tracks. While Audiosurf is fairly basic and visually dated, the core mechanics work well enough to keep it popular. Online scoreboards are still updated but no true multiplayer exists. Another important fact is that the game pre-dates music streaming services and so requires tracks to exist on a hard drive.

Years to come

Audiosurf is a fun casual experience for music fans. Playing along with personal favourites is an engaging way to enjoy songs anew but it is looking a little worn.

Audiosurf supports the following formats

Compatible with CD, MP3, M4A, WMA and OGG

Audiosurf allows you to experience the intensity and emotion of your songs in real time, in full color, and in 3D. Songs that give you an adrenaline rush are converted into wild roller coaster rides full of color and motion.

Songs that calm you down appear as cool colors against a relaxing sky. Audiosurf enhances the experience of your music collection by synchronizing its environment to the events in your songs--the beats, the intense sections, the long pauses followed by a burst of sound, all take on a more vivid meaning.

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People Review for Audiosurf

Niamh Lynch 12 September, 2013

@leslie.guttierrezlavey. @leslie.guttierrezlavey Sorry about that, download fixed. You'll need a Steam account to download the demo (or buy the game).

Anonymous 11 September, 2013

Can't download it... I can't even download it. I have tried it many times and "an error occured". I'm pissed off.

Anonymous 22 August, 2013

Audiosurf is engaging and adaptable to the players needs.. Loads quick, graphics are perfect and very customizable, love the controls (moving one thing as opposed to pressing multiple buttons as in guitar hero.) and it can be relaxing or intense depending on the song and difficulty level. can change the visual display as well as control systems (mouse, keyboard, game controller, joystick, and maybe more.) So many hours have been well-spent with this game. Least favorite features have to be the scoring system (bonuses are too influential.) and every now and then the game freezes up for a split second, but that's most likely because of my computer I'm guessing.

Anonymous 21 August, 2013

Awesome Game! Get it NOWWWW!!!!. Great game, the other reviewer obviously doesn't know squat of a computer if he/she cannot run this game. Its a wonderful game and it beats alot of other musical games IMO!!!! Paired with a nice sound system and/or headphones and you get a challenging game that plays and sets the experience to your music. Recommend this game in every way!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: Fast, Smooth Gameplay, Generates a track for basically any song. Tons of replay value Never repetitive, unless you run out of music to play on your computer that is! Cons: sometimes leaderboards do not work,

Anonymous 17 February, 2012

The problem is.... This is an OLD version of Audiosurf, it's the beta, this version didn't even had shader compatibility, if you want to have this game FULLY FUNCTIONAL you MUST buy it via Steam, there is NO free version of Audiosurf anymore, this one was just for testing... Pros: Nice graphics (Shaders) Really funny! It can be a challenge! Cons: Can be repetitive After some time, it's boring

Anonymous 12 July, 2011

A little help. i downloaded the file and started it, but what happened? nothing but an error report! so i searched through the files and found a file called "QuestViewer" in "engine" i saw through that and double clicked on the Q3Dstart.q3d file and the audiosurf game started!