Beat Master

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Beat Master is a free application designed for both desktop and laptop PCs, as well as mobile devices. With Beat Master, you have the ability to create custom beats with a variety of different sounds at your fingertips. With up to 8 drums and cymbals, make up beats to loop. You can even record your own sounds and use them to create beats all your own. Whether on your phone or PC, making original music has never been easier.

Custom beats

Beat Master is designed to help you make custom music in more ways than one. First, use the 8 different drums and cymbals to make percussive beats unlike anything you’ve heard before. When you’ve explored everything that those 8 sounds have to offer, however, you can switch things up even further. Beat Master allows you to record sounds from your environment with an external microphone or your mobile device, depending on which version you use, which can then be assigned to different drums to create a truly custom beat.

Make music with just a tap

Playing the drums on your phone or tablet is so easy with Beat Master. Just tap the drums or cymbal you want to hear and keep the rhythm. For PC users, it’s incredibly easy too. Use your keyboard and mouse to navigate and tap away to your heart’s desire. Once you’ve got a beat, loop it and use Beat Master’s range of tools and effects to further customize your sample.

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