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Business Card Maker ver 9.15 is the best Multimedia Graphic & Design for Windows Android . This Windows Android 's Multimedia developed by AMS Software Graphic & Design developed by AMS Software is buy and legal to use. it's have 6 rating from 137 users. More informastion about Business Card Maker you can read below :

A good-looking business card is an essential item for aspiring entrepreneurs to carry but commissioning a design and print run can be costly.

Business Card Maker from AMS Software provides the tools to create a professional-quality card on your own device.

What Business Card Maker Provides

The Business Card Maker software comes in three versions from Personal Edition to Studio and provides between 200 and 550 predefined business card templates to work with depending on the licence. You can take a template and produce a finished card simply by adding your personal details or delve further into the design to change the colours or layout and add custom graphics. A full range of editing tools are available and you can save your own templates for future use. The program has a comprehensive printing facility to produce your finished cards to a high quality while the design can also be exported in all major graphics formats for further processing or printing elsewhere if required.

High Quality Cards at a Low Cost

Although this is paid software the one-off licence cost will work out far cheaper than having a single professional business card designed and if you need several different cards for different situations or personnel Business Card Maker is an ideal solution.

Create superb business cards and badges from 150 professional templates!

Business Card Maker is a handy application for creating business cards and badges from 150 editable templates. Simply select a template and add your name, photo and contact information. Also you can customize the design of the card to your preferences: adjust fonts, change colors and background. There is also a built-in database for storing information about companies and persons, making it easy to add and re-use data for business cards.

You can export your business card to popular image formats or print out on paper. The program can print on paper of various formats and can place cards on paper in the most economic way. For example, it can print up to 12 business cards on an A4 sheet and up to 24 cards on A3. Also the program can print at 300 dpi and 600 dpi, and can save layouts for printing at 1200 dpi.

Personal version is good choice for individual users - sole traders including entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, freelancers, etc. Enterprise version is the best option for professionals and companies, including commercial usage.

  • Business Card Maker
  • Business Card Maker

People Review for Business Card Maker

Gebretsadik Mesfin 14 May, 2017

i need to use for professional Advertising only and getting job. i think it is a private software which helps to creat your own styel of business card Pros: becomes free Cons: none

ajay k_81 7 March, 2017

worth trying. nice support! i had a probkem with importing my contacts from excel — they helped me really fast. there're many beatiful cards to use and editing tools to make your own designs. Pros: easy to use lots of card templates revers side to business cards excel file import print in many formats Cons: limited demo version

Anonymous 19 March, 2014

Pass this one by.. A ripoff. This download does not let you print or save your creation, instead you must buy their program. And once you buy that, it still won't let you do anything, because you have to purchase their upgrades separately. You can't even run the program without the upgrades. Each step of this product as you try to access it, just costs you more and more. A real scam. Pros: Beautiful cards Cons: The continual buy and receive nothing