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BusinessCards MX ver 4.87 is the best Business & Productivity for Windows . This Windows 's Business & Productivity developed by Businesscards-mx is buy and legal to use. it's have 8 rating from 135 users. More informastion about BusinessCards MX you can read below :

BusinessCards MX is a comprehensive business card creation tool for PC users.

If you're self-employed or trying to market yourself professionally, having business cards on hand during meetings and interviews is an absolute must. Much like your appearance and personality, your business cards should have a refined, professional appearance.

Similar to Advanced Business Card Maker, BusinessCards MX is a great way to create impressive looking business cards in no time at all. By using ready-made elements and inserting them into the BusinessCards MX interface, you can create something professional looking quickly and at a fraction of the cost of having them done commercially.

BusinessCards MX lets you add and alter figures, images and the background on your card relatively easily. You can also save individual pieces of information on the card. For example, if you want to save a company's business address and telephone number information separately from the card itself so you can reuse the card later with a different address, BusinessCards MX makes that possible. BusinessCards MX also comes with a lot of pre-made templates, so if you're not the creative type you can hit the ground running anyway.

The only minor frustration is that this tool can be a little overwhelming to use at first since there are just so many options available to make use of. Once you get the hang of it though, users should find the interface quite usable.

If you want to create professional-looking business cards from scratch or even with a template, give BusinessCards MX a try.

This program will help to design and print a professional business card. The interface of the program has been designed in such a way that even a beginner will not have problems with using the program.

The process of designing is based on inserting ready for use elements accessible in the program such as figures, images and the background, and freely shifting them on the prepared project. Another advantage of the program is the possibility of saving data about a company or people so that it can be used later while designing a business card.

The program uses templates which you can prepare on your own, or you can use ready models of business cards accessible in it.

Supports JPG, BMP, WMF image formats A dozen image filters such antialias, negative, blur, brighten and others Quickview of the final product Customizable interface

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