DeskApp for YouTube

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DeskApp for YouTube ver 1.1.1 is the best Streaming videos for Mac . This Mac 's Streaming videos developed by Rocky Sand Studio Ltd. is free and legal to use. it's have 5 rating from 1 users. More informastion about DeskApp for YouTube you can read below :

DeskApp enables users to watch their favourite YouTube videos in a dedicated browser.

Functions and Main Options

DeskApp can be thought of as a YouTube extension. It will provide the user with access to play personalised videos simply by clicking on an icon found within the lower toolbar. This can be advantageous, for there are times when a completely separate window will cause the system to utilise excessive amounts of memory. It is also handy when an individual wishes to listen to music in the background while performing a completely independent task. If the application is hidden from view, the file will automatically pause. It will resume once again when the app becomes active.

Other Features and Customisable Options

The appearance of DeskApp can be controlled. Its opacity is able to be adjusted by accessing the settings section. Users will receive notifications in regards to updates and similar news. In order to streamline functionality, the layout of the application is exactly the same as if one were accessing YouTube with traditional methods.

  • DeskApp for YouTube
  • DeskApp for YouTube