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DeskLock ver 1.2 is the best Utilities & Tools File managers for Windows . This Windows 's Utilities & Tools developed by Donationcoder File managers developed by Donationcoder is free and legal to use. it's have 5 rating from 21 users. More informastion about DeskLock you can read below :

Have you ever had the annoying problem of your desktop icons just going for a wander for no apparent reason and then not being able to find them again?

DeskLock locks icons onto your desktop making it impossible to move them even by drag and drop. To disable it, in case you need to move an icon, you can specify in the the options to use the right mouse button to disable it or configure a hotkey.

DeskLock is useful if you're experiencing problems keeping your icons in a specific place or if you share a PC and find that your icons are constantly being moved around. It can be a little frustrating if you need to make some space on your desktop quickly but deactivating it is no big problem, especially if you configure a shortcut key.

DeskLock is a simple but effective solution for those who want to organize their icons without worrying about where they will end up next.

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Anonymous 16 February, 2016

Not worth the time it took to download. Program does not work as advertised. I got it to stop games I play from scrambling my desktop icons every time I play them and DeskLock doesn't even TRY to stop this from happening. It's just another program wasting space on my hard drive