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DioPlayer ver 1.0 is the best Multimedia Audio for Palm OS . This Palm OS 's Multimedia developed by Mrpalm Audio developed by Mrpalm is free and legal to use. it's have 9 rating from 96 users. More informastion about DioPlayer you can read below :

DioPlayer is a completely free MP3 and WAV player.

Most of the functions are exactly what you'd expect from a music player: play, pause, stop, forward, back and so on. DioPlayer also has an 8 channel graphic equalizer, support for playlists and a display compatible with ID3v1.

As well as these functions, the player works well in the background, has skins that fit two resolutions (160x160 and 320x320) and it's compatible with expansion cards (sd/mmc).

A full-featured, free music player for your Palm.

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People Review for DioPlayer

Anonymous 7 October, 2013

mp3 failure. it doesnt play mp3 192kb/sec. other things are good, file browsing, design. but..it cannot play..

Anonymous 9 June, 2007

Works fine. Works fine palm with Tx