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GiMeSpace Desktop Extender 3D ver is the best Utilities & Tools File managers for Windows . This Windows 's Utilities & Tools developed by GiMeSpace File managers developed by GiMeSpace is buy and legal to use. it's have 9 rating from 6 users. More informastion about GiMeSpace Desktop Extender 3D you can read below :

GiMeSpace Desktop Extender 3D is a program primarily designed to provide you with more space when navigating through your desktop. Not only will you be able to scroll from the left to the right, but the latest version enables you to zoom into specific areas within a three-dimensional environment. This is an excellent choice to enjoy a unique viewing experience.

Main Features and Uses

One interesting benefit of GiMeSpace Desktop Extender 3D is it creates a space that is much bigger than your screen that can be navigated easily and also allowing windows to become much bigger than the screen.  Also,  it only uses a few MB even if you have many windows open in a big extended desktop.  The CPU usage is seldom reaching 1% on modern computers. 

Additional Options

GiMeSpace Desktop Extender 3D enables you to adjust metrics such as scrolling speeds, refresh rates and the ability to 'sticky' scroll. Other variables such as themes, colours, backgrounds and toolbar appearances can likewise be modified from the centralised control panel. A free trial version is currently available before the software will need to be purchased.

Extends you Desktop without Limits! Navigate in 3D by just moving your mouse.

GiMeSpace Desktop Extender 3D is the deluxe version of the Desktop Extenders. It uses the latest Aero theme desktop technology present in windows Vista and 7/8/10. Like in the standard edition you can scroll left-right, up-down. But now you can also zoom in and out seamless. So you can navigate your desktop in 3 dimensions! Zooming in is useful to see details on your screen more clearly. Zooming out is useful to see the whole overview of your desktop and to see a whole window if that window is bigger than your screen.

Windows are scaled down but it is still possible to work with your windows while you are in 'zoomed' mode! Bonus: Only available in this edition! You can now assign hotkeys to different places in your desktop! This edition does NOT work on XP, 7 starter or server 2003, use the normal desktop extender instead!

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People Review for GiMeSpace Desktop Extender 3D

Kees Hout 21 October, 2017

Great way to get more desktop space.. Great program with many options to adjust the scrolling behaviour to your own preference. Recommended! Pros: very intuitive way to extend the desktop reminds me of pan and scan in windows XP Cons: The 3D view could have some more advanced ways to interact

Anonymous 3 June, 2012

It is terrible. Windows scroll offscreen and do not come back. It does not let you change the default size of your virtual desktop, saying "value out of range" when the values are smaller than what was alloed. The author should change it so that the windows do not jump around strangely and disappear offscreen without coming back, by default. Pros: The author could easily fix this program so the windows do not jump strangely, just with a refresh "relative position" command that executes. Cons: The author is extremely unresponsive to suggestions like these.