Guitar Chorderator

Windows Rated 9 from 26 votes

Guitar Chorderator ver is the best Education & Reference for Windows . This Windows 's Education & Reference developed by student is free and legal to use. it's have 9 rating from 26 users. More informastion about Guitar Chorderator you can read below :

A great application for all users who intend on learning how to play the guitar.

While this application is running, your computer is practically transformed into a virtual guitar player. You have three types of guitars at your disposal, namely acoustic, electric and classical, each one with its characteristics. You can quickly switch between them using the 'Style' section to the upper right corner of the screen.

A handy tool for guitar aficionados:

Simple in its core, Guitar Chorderator is worth having if you decide to learn how to play the guitar. With its help, a bit of study of musical theory and a lot of perseverance, you can memorize how notes are displayed on the fretboard and play songs on your guitar.

There is also a Capo functionality available for users but just for Open frets.

By default, the guitar image display is intended for right-handed persons, but there is an option to turn it around and allow left-handed guitarists use it as well. The default side can be changed via the 'Settings' screen of Guitar Chorderator.

Multi Language facility.

Tutorial for better understanding about the App.

A great application for all users who intend on learning how to play the guitar, providing them with a simple way to learn about note placement.

What makes this App different from the others is its rich collectionn of chords and 3 different styles of playing namely acoustic,electric and classical.