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HappyFox is a customer service automation service. Integrate incoming customer service requests into tickets on the cloud based system for easy teamwork.

Natural conversation

Organised around a main ticket hub, HappyFox organises all incoming messages to your business into one single place for easy customer conversations. Combine texts, Facebook messages, emails and more into a single unified ticket. Each ticket can be given a priority and a time frame for response, creating an organised response scheme and more clarity for each agent's responsibility. Managers have the option to review response times and messages options, giving a greater over all view of customer service management. Tickets can also be edited, accessible by some but not all, grouped with a set of individuals or answered by standard responses. Voice calls cane be recorded and applied to a ticket. Overall, HappyFox is a solid platform designed around user simplicity and can provide a streamlined customer service for a business. Its greatest strength is the back-end management data which gives just as much information about staff as it does tickets.

Anywhere, anyhow

HappyFox is a clever way to organise the variety of incoming customer dialogue into a simple to manage system. A bunch of extras provides a dynamic work space which quickly becomes indispensable.

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