HotSync 4.1.0 + Palm Desktop 4.1.4

Palm OS Rated 8 from 154 votes

HotSync 4.1.0 + Palm Desktop 4.1.4 ver is the best Utilities & Tools for Palm OS . This Palm OS 's Utilities & Tools developed by PalmOne is free and legal to use. it's have 8 rating from 154 users. More informastion about HotSync 4.1.0 + Palm Desktop 4.1.4 you can read below :

HotSync 4 was created to improve the syncing system and various errors from previous versions.

Errors in the Backup and Restore system have been corrected and the system has been improved. Syncing speed has been increased. You can now connect your Palm via USB (115kbps). Help functions for IR operations from HotSync.

This download now includes the full version of the Palm Desktop.Its creators advise that it is not compatible with HandSpring systems.

  • HotSync 4.1.0 + Palm Desktop 4.1.4

People Review for HotSync 4.1.0 + Palm Desktop 4.1.4

Anonymous 30 April, 2016

scared of it.... i think the software that used to work was great - but based on the (2) reviews on this site - even though it somehow reads like (55) have commented - im scared to try it... Pros: the possibility of a viable palm software.. Cons: real user comments that indicate credibility..

Anonymous 4 January, 2011

It worked fine for me for years until I installe new 6.2 version. I use a almost new E2. After installing 6.2, my batteries started to run out promptly.... too bad. I did it because I need support for windows 7, as I was using XP. My intention is to migrate my data from a XP PC to a W7 PC.