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iDock ver 4.2 is the best Themes for Mac . This Mac 's Themes developed by is free and legal to use. it's have 2 rating from 3 users. More informastion about iDock you can read below :

Do you want a different Dock for every day of the week? Do you get bored with the same Dock but don't want to mess around changing it? Or do you simply want to bring more order to your Dock?

If so, iDock could be your answer. iDock allows you to have as many docks as you want opening up a whole new world of organisational possibilities. For example, you could use iDock to sort your applications, stacks, downloads and more according to what you're working on or what you need.

iDock works via a simple switcher mechanism. Simply open iDock and click on either the "Change Dock" button or the "Go To Dock" button. If you choose "Change Dock" you can use the arrows to scroll through them. If you chose Go To Dock, type in the number of the dock that you want to go to and click Go To Dock. Dock changes take no more than a few seconds but you might find that sometimes your dock disappears. If this is the case, then you need only click "Help, My Dock's Gone!" and it will reappear.

iDock is a useful tool for anyone that needs more organization in their Dock although the likelihood of anyone needing more than 2 docks is questionable.

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Anonymous 5 December, 2010

iDock problems. 1. After a short while the dock images in the menu window at the top of the screen have only a tiny portion visible; they appear to be centered well below the window. (I would send a screen shot but can't find a way to paste it in.) 2. I created a second dock, then played with menu items "Toggle 2D" and "Toggle Active". My original (well populated) dock seems to have been replaced by a copy of the sparse second dock. 3. What do these menu items do? There are no instructions that I can find. System: 10.6.2. Pros: Would be a nice way to partition docks into regular apps, apps sometimes use, utilities, etc. Cons: Confusing without instructions. Seems to have bugs - see problems above.