ImageZipper Image Converter

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ImageZipper Image Converter ver 1.0.4 is the best Multimedia Photography for Windows . This Windows 's Multimedia developed by Smart Image and Vision Photography developed by Smart Image and Vision is buy and legal to use. it's have 6 rating from 5 users. More informastion about ImageZipper Image Converter you can read below :

Convert and edit images between over 60 formats, e.g. iThmb, PDF, RAW, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, ICON, GIF etc.

ImageZipper can convert large quantities of images in a batch conversion with just a few clicks and easily compare the original source images and the target images after conversion. Optionally, ImageZipper can also resize, flip, rotate the image and add watermark on the image. Besides, ImageZipper allows to configure the target image encode settings, set DPI / PPI of the target image and keep metadata, e.g. EXIF, during conversion. Furthermore, ImageZipper can also be used to preview EXIF or other metadata information and GIF animation. ImageZipper supports more image formats, such as iThmb, PDF, SVG which may not be supported by other competitors. Besides, ImageZipper allows to set DPI / PPI and keep the metadata in the target image. ImageZipper also enables easy image editing during conversion. The user of ImageZipper can be general public, researcher, engineer, student etc.

  • ImageZipper Image Converter
  • ImageZipper Image Converter