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iSplash ver 1.21 is the best Photography for Mac . This Mac 's Photography developed by iDuaa is buy and legal to use. it's have 4 rating from 7 users. More informastion about iSplash you can read below :

iSplash is an amazingly simple way to add a touch of class to your photos by converting everything to gray and then highlighting one aspect in color.

Its a technique that's often used in posters to stunning effect and iSplash makes you look like you're a pro when it comes to modifying images in the same style. iSplash supports PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and BMP files and is extremely easy to use.

To edit a photo, simply launch iSplash, choose a photo using the file browser, or select one of the images that has been automatically imported from iPhoto. iSplash will automatically turn the image to gray and then you can select different aspects of the photo to turn to color.

You add color using a spray can which does require a steady hand and can be quite painstaking at times. iSplash automatically restores color to the parts where you spray the brush. Save your photo and you're done!

iSplash is a super simple way to add a stunning color/grayscale effect to your photos.

Fixed minor bugs 32-bit now supported!


Fixed minor bugs 32-bit now supported!

iSplash supports the following formats

iSplash supports PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and BMP files

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People Review for iSplash

Anonymous 12 May, 2013

now happy any more. was fine before the update. I have Snow Leopard and now it only works with LION

Anonymous 4 May, 2012

can't save to iPhoto!. i do such a nice pic of my daughter and it won't save to my iPhoto!! it only goes into my documents. then when i try to print it through targets photo kiosk it refuses to let me. what is the point of this app if you can't share what you have worked so hard on??!! emails would greatly be appreciated .. will be uninstalling if not fixed.

Anonymous 3 April, 2012

@not so happy. Thanks for highlighting this problem. The app is scheduled to be re-reviewed as it seems the developer has dropped iPhoto integration. Pros: - Cons: -

Anonymous 2 April, 2012

Not so happy . . . . This does not show up in iPhoto. Not only that, but even after I save it in iSplash, I can not retrieve it. Can't find anything I did. Not very useful for MAC useres, at least not useful for MacBook Pro.

Anonymous 5 September, 2011

Can't find the saved picture!. It doesn't integrate with iphoto. I can't find the picture anywhere but isplash,so I can't do anything with it. Can't email it, print it, etc.