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ivsEdits Le ver 3.0.493 is the best Multimedia Video for Windows . This Windows 's Multimedia developed by Interactive Video Systems Video developed by Interactive Video Systems is free and legal to use. it's have 8 rating from 53 users. More informastion about ivsEdits Le you can read below :

ivsEdits Le is a flexible and modular editing software that offers an exceptionally affordable and powerful SD/HD/2K/4K editing solution for almost all live/post production scenarios.

Simple User Interface

ivsEdits Le comes with a simple user interface equipped with a robust editing toolset. The UI has an extremely simple learning curve. Moreover, the desktop scheme is user-defined. The independent, multi-format timeline allows mixing and matching source content in a range of resolutions and formats such as DVCPRO HD100, DVCPRO25/50, MPEG1/2/4, XDCAM SD/HD/EX, and DPS/DVA. This includes support for Quicktime, MXF, WMV and AVI media file containers. The timeline also supports different types of clips, including video, audio and graphics. These clips could be mixed with Live Clips, originating from multiple simultaneous live inputs ascertained by the hardware input devices used. Live inputs could be HD or SD, digital or analogue, and sharing the same timeline.

Open and Modular Architecture

ivsEdits Le is an open and scalable, modular setup. It supports different Timeline special clips for handling external equipment such as external VTRs, smoke machines, DMX lights, etc. In fact, ivsEdits takes only a few seconds for syncing music and video with 256 light sources. The collaborative workflow functionality means multiple people can use the same Gigabit LAN simultaneously, along with NAS storage, so that they can work together on a particular project with specialised tools such as automatic clip collections and multiple ingestions. Additional instances performed on other or the same PC could be synced to run several movies simultaneously.

ivsEdits Le is a free Non linear video editor with a complete set of professional tools

ivsEdits LE is a flexible non-linear editing software by IVS. It provides an exceptionally powerful 4K/2K/HD/SD editing solution for any post/live production environment. ivsEdits™ brings everywhere, also on laptops, full-quality real-time editing performance in RGBA 4:4:4:4 color space to guarantee pristine video quality. ivsEdits LE is a free video editing software, that features the same professional editing tools of ivsEdits with some limitations: ivsEdits LE doesnt support for MPEG 2/4, DPS and XDCAM/IMX formats and PowerCG .Pag files.IvsEdits LE supports DV AVI/MOV, P2 DVCPRO SD /HD files and TGA/JPG/BMP Image sequences.

Realtime Effects, Chroma keying, Multicamera, Voice Over, Color Correction, White/Color Balancing, Capture

ivsEdits Le is the first free video editor to offer accurate realtime I/O with Blackmagic Design cards with an easy graphic user interface. It represents a valid editing platform for news and Television contents.

ivsEdits Le can be used by any kind of user: Beginners, Students and Advanced Editors. ivsEdits Le GUI

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