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Lemmings ver 1.4.2a is the best Games Puzzle for Mac Palm OS Pocket PC . This Mac Palm OS Pocket PC 's Games developed by Pcio, Inc Puzzle developed by Pcio, Inc is free and legal to use. it's have 6 rating from 65 users. More informastion about Lemmings you can read below :

When the original Lemmings came out in 1991 it was a hit both with critics and with gamers. Now Lemmings for Windows 10 brings its classic gameplay to modern platforms. The game casts you as the protector of a tribe of cute cartoon creatures wandering through a deadly landscape full of traps and hazards. Your charges will march blindly forward no matter what so you'll need to help them by providing them with new skills.

Protecting your lemmings

The core of Lemmings for Windows 10 is very simple: regular lemmings will walk forward no matter what happens even if that means falling to their deaths or being consumed in a fire. To save them you need to assign skills to particular lemmings. Each skill creates a different effect and you'll need to learn how to use them all to get your lemmings -- or at least most of them -- through the level alive. Applying skills correctly requires not only strategic thinking but timing and a certain level of quick reactions you may find yourself doing a level over again a few times as failure teaches you how to get through it.

Infuriatingly enjoyable