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Liger ver 1.6 Final is the best Themes for Mac . This Mac 's Themes developed by is free and legal to use. it's have 8 rating from 5 users. More informastion about Liger you can read below :

I was looking forward to installing this theme on my Mac and showing off its Leopard-like feel. Unfortunately, it felt more like a disappointment.

While you'll get the sleek semi-transparent menu bar, and the new Dock look, this last one feels a bit buggy and looks odd to me. Installing it is a bit of mess too.

You'll have to check access for assistive devices from Universal Access in System Preferences. Running the installer for Liger won't be enough to set it up though, as you'll also need to add themes, icon set and pictures.

Still, this is a great effort and a nice way to get Leopard on your Mac before anyone else. If you can't wait for the release of Apple's next operating system, it's well worth the pain of installing Liger onto your Mac.

With this new theme, you'll be able to make your Mac look like it's using the Leopard operating system. This version includes the Xcode projects for both LigerDock and LigerMenubar.

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Anonymous 13 August, 2009

Mac Users will be waiting for MORE stuff to MIMMIC !. Liger will be number one after while when these guys go back into the lab of creative minds. Just think of it when these guys go into faze two, for instances they might be working on a code to mimmic programs like STACKS, TIME MACHINE and OTHER codes that truly is Leopard 10.5 so we as Apple Mac 10.4.11 can run them as part 2 of the LIGER COMMUNITY for Mac OS X 10.4. Again, I think Liger is GREAT just because my 10.4 LOOKS AND FEELS LIKE LEOPARD. Now I can hold off on buying Leopard 10.5 a little bit longer and I owe it all to those who respect 10.4.11 users. My desk top is the BOOM now! Thank you very much! Mike

Anonymous 12 August, 2009

IS IT ME OR IS IT LIGER. LIGER IS GR-R-REAT! The next best thing to having a program you cannot afford right, if you know what I mean!!!!!! Have a nice day. Mike