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Logo Design Studio ver Pro 4.5.00 is the best Multimedia Graphic & Design for Windows . This Windows 's Multimedia developed by Summitsoft Graphic & Design developed by Summitsoft is buy and legal to use. it's have 6 rating from 359 users. More informastion about Logo Design Studio you can read below :

Do you need a logo for your start-up but don't want to pay a fortune for it? Try creating it yourself with Logo Design Studio Pro!

This app helps you create unique logos for your company, no matter what professional area you're in: arts and entertainment, business and finance, construction, food and beverage, legal, real estate, technology, travel, etc.

Logo Design Studio Pro includes more than 5,000 logo templates to get you started. You can use them for inspiration, adapt them to your corporate image or simply replace the sample texts with your company's name. For the more artistically gifted, Logo Design Studio Pro also lets you create logos from scratch, starting with a blank canvas.

Despite the huge number of templates included and its ease of use, I have to say I was a bit disappointed with Logo Design Studio Pro. The logo editor is simpler than I expected – not to mention the fact that the program displays an error message every time you close it.

Logo Design Studio Pro is a simple-to-use utility to create all sorts of logos, though it falls short of expectations.

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People Review for Logo Design Studio

Anonymous 27 December, 2015

Waste of money and time . Liked the free trial version but very limited so paid for full version but it would not verify my key tried to use email verification and it came back to me as postmaster delivery failure ....I then tried to email help and support twice and have never received a reply .....conned

Anonymous 22 January, 2014

Logo design studio sucks!. I usually design on photoshop and illustrator and decided to choose this software due to the marketing gimmick of easy creation with several templates to choose from, hoping this would make my life easier only to realize that my logos are a no go. Within 5 seconds of turnig the software on it immideatly shuts it down, never allowing me to even scartch the surface. I hate that I wasted my time and money on this product, DO NOT purchase this product. If you log on app software on a mac you will see several others unfortunate customers going through the same issue with this software. Pros: never got the chance to use it Cons: It needs to allow users to stay on more than 30 seconds It needs to stop with the quick shutting down

Anonymous 18 September, 2013

New site http://www.logogenie.net. pretty good, good features, good tools, i made a logo in a few minutes

Anonymous 2 September, 2011

religoius. cross with circle around on it..and hands shaking on center. Lightning fast Simple to use Beautiful default interface Works straight out of the box Free

Anonymous 17 August, 2011

Just wanted a Logo Maker. Very hard to move around when you do not have a lot of experience, tried to make a logo and could not find a way to do it. Pros: Free Cons: Hard to work stayed on my hard drive less than half a day