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mFurc ver 5.11 is the best Utilities for Mac . This Mac 's Utilities developed by Ghost Tiger is free and legal to use. it's have 10 rating from 1 users. More informastion about mFurc you can read below :

If you're addicted to Furcadia then you'll be a member of one of the oldest role-playing communities on the net.

Furcadia has been going since 1996 and now you have this client for Macs. All you need to get going is a Furcadia account and this MFurc client to play online. The mFurc client allows you to connect to the Furcadia server, play online and download content created by other players and even chat with your friends for games.

This client is a rebuild of the Windows one but with lots of great new features thrown in such as support for Unicote, Growler, Spotlight, DBS files, Core Image, patches and there's a spam blocker. You mighty find that the sever is heavily oversubscribed at times according to users on the forum but that's not the clients fault. It would have been useful however for the client to feature a reconnect tool in the event that you can't log on immediately

mFurc is the only way for Mac fans to get online in the Furcadia community unless of course you run the Windows client in Parallels.

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Anonymous 18 February, 2012

It's dead. Due to server-side changes, the program no longer works; the author no longer maintains it. There is currently an official Mac version of Furcadia; it is not native, but Wine-based (a Windows app bundled in a compatibility layer app).