Mickey Mouse Theme

BlackBerry Rated 7 from 292 votes

Mickey Mouse Theme ver 2.0 is the best Personalization Themes for BlackBerry . This BlackBerry 's Personalization developed by MobiMadness Themes developed by MobiMadness is free and legal to use. it's have 7 rating from 292 users. More informastion about Mickey Mouse Theme you can read below :

This Mickey Mouse Theme for Blackberry brings the World's most famous rodent to your mobile device.

The Mickey Mouse Theme includes various different wallpapers that feature Mickey and Minnie frolicking together. In addition to this, the theme brings lots of fun new Mickey-themed icons and display items to your BlackBerry interface, including a fetching battery indicator designed around the biggest ears in show business.

Young kids will love the Mickey Mouse Theme, although the more discerning BlackBerry owner might find the design to be a bit garish. In particular we thought the choice of font was very tacky.

If you're a Disney fanatic then it's well worth checking out this free Mickey Mouse Theme for BlackBerry.

  • Mickey Mouse Theme
  • Mickey Mouse Theme