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MixMax ver 3.0.3 is the best Business & Productivity for Windows . This Windows 's Business & Productivity developed by Mixmax is free and legal to use. it's have 0 rating from 0 users. More informastion about MixMax you can read below :

MixMax allows you to reach out to prospects and clients more effectively. Reach out to customers and optimize the way you communicate with others. Track emails and use email templates for maximum impact. You may even schedule events and plan meetings. It has features that Gmail forgot to add.

See how others are engaging with your emails

With the MixMax extension, you may track how and when people open and view your email. You may track their clicks on your emails, and you may track their downloads too. The extension has a template function that allows you to create quick messages and personalize them before sending them. Schedule meetings and send out notifications with this extension, and plan events where others can see what your plans are. Create reminders or set the extension to snooze for a while. The email templates allow you to easily embed surveys and polls into your emails.

A productivity suite for people with email contacts

If you have a number of clients and customers that you frequently contact by email, then the MixMax tool will help you write emails more quickly, will help you set up events, and will help you track how well your emails are being received. You may even schedule messages to be sent at certain times of the day. The extension has been known to delete emails instead of scheduling them, so make backups of your emails before you schedule them.