Multiplayer Championship Chess

Pocket PC Symbian Palm OS Rated 7 from 6 votes

Multiplayer Championship Chess ver 1.45 is the best Games Board for Pocket PC Symbian Palm OS . This Pocket PC Symbian Palm OS 's Games developed by Realdice Board developed by Realdice is buy and legal to use. it's have 7 rating from 6 users. More informastion about Multiplayer Championship Chess you can read below :

Multiplayer Championship Chess is the strongest Chess game ever created for a PDA or mobile device with an AI rated above Grand Master. Features absolutely stunning graphics and the ability to play (and chat) with real people over the Internet. Loaded with options, a strong Single Player Career Mode, and support for all devices and resolutions. Chess is the third installment in the Real Dice Multiplayer Championship Series, the standard in next-generation multiplayer gaming.


Grand Master + rated AI, the strongest ever in a PDA/mobile Stunning Hi-Resolution graphics, with low-res & square support Internet Multiplayer with built-in Chat Game options, customization and statistics Career Mode 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Multiplayer Championship Chess
  • Multiplayer Championship Chess