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MusicEase ver 8.2 is the best Education & Reference for Windows . This Windows 's Education & Reference developed by Musicease is buy and legal to use. it's have 6 rating from 26 users. More informastion about MusicEase you can read below :

I wonder how the great composers like Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Scatman John would've reacted to computers. Had MusicEase been around at the time when they were alive I'm sure they would have been able to knock out a lot more requiems, symphonies, sonatas and scats than they did. The application allows you to easily compose music on your PC in the same way as you'd work with a word processor, but using notes, scales, pentagrams, etc.

You're completely free to compose, thanks to an innovative system whereby each of the keys on your keyboard represent a different musical note. The musical notation is then displayed instantly on screen, just as if you'd written it down. MusicEase contains some basic editing commands such as cutting, pasting, undoing, etc. Best of all, once your melody has been composed, you save it out in MIDI format and listen to it through the software.

There are a lot of options locked within the program, including the ability to add titles to your compositions, apply accompanying MIDI tracks, and vary speed. Although the user interface looks a little puny when compared to most new word processing apps, MusicEase is a great way of churning out your works of genius quickly.

MusicEase music notation software is a fully-featured, intelligent music notation editor which produces highly polished, publication quality, printed music. It also automatically generates accompaniments consisting of any number of general MIDI instruments including drums which you can play, print or save as a MIDI file and includes support for scanned music.

MusicEase works much like a word processing program. For instance, pressing the g key enters the G above middle C. Pressing the 4 key changes the current duration to a quarter note - every note entered from that point on will be of quarter note duration.

Pressing the period key followed by the 2 key changes the current duration to a dotted half. End of measure barlines are automatically added. Pressing the Enter key starts a new system. Pressing the Backspace key deletes the previous note/chord/rest. Pressing Backspace at the beginning of a staff appends the current system to the end of the previous system.

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