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My NBA 2K17 ver is the best Games Sports for Android iPhone . This Android iPhone 's Games developed by 2kgames Sports developed by 2kgames is free and legal to use. it's have 10 rating from 38 users. More informastion about My NBA 2K17 you can read below :

A free companion app for the NBA2K17 video game on PS4 and Xbox One, MyNBA2K17 allows gamers to continue their NBA 2K experience on their mobile device. With in-app features including facial scanning technology, which allows you to put your own face in the game, and a basketball battle cards mini-game, where you collect virtual cards and use them to challenge players from around the world, there is plenty to keep users entertained.

Complete console integration

For console owners who play the NBA2K17 video game, MyNBA2K17 offers complete integration, resulting in a continuous gaming experience, regardless of whether you are in front of your console or out and about with your mobile. The app follows on from MyNBA2K16, the companion app to last year's game, and many of the features will be familiar to those who used the previous version.

Perhaps the most notable new feature is 2K's "face simulation technology", which allows users to scan their own face from their mobile device and use it on a created player within the game. The scanning technology is simple to use with any recent smartphone camera and this marks a significant improvement from previous years, where players who wanted to have their own face in the game needed to use a PlayStation Camera or Kinect for Xbox.

Standalone features and interface

While integration with the console experience is a key feature of the app, it has standalone features as well, with the most significant being MyTEAM Mobile. This is a virtual card game, where players collect NBA players from the past and present and use them to challenge other players from around the world. This particular game mode is a returning feature from previous iterations of the app, but it includes more than 300 new cards for the 2016-2017 NBA season, as well as a greater array of legendary and historic players. MyTEAM Mobile modes include quick games and tournaments, while players can buy or sell cards at the Auction House. Additionally, the app provides players with the ability to earn or purchase virtual currency, and to make purchases from the MyPLAYER Store. Many of these purchases can then be used in the console version of NBA2K17. Gamers who used the MyNBA2K16 app will likely be pleased to learn that the app's interface is largely unchanged for this year's version, making it easy to pick up and play. Those who are completely new to the MyNBA2K experience should find the user-friendly interface extremely pleasing, as navigation around the app is simple.

Complete the NBA2K17 experience

Ultimately, NBA2K17 offers you the opportunity to continue your NBA gaming experience on the move, meaning the fun does not need to stop when you leave the house. Meanwhile, console integration allows for a more complete experience, the facial scanning technology marks a great leap forwards for the series in terms of ease of use and the standalone features will be more than enough to keep you entertained on long journeys.

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