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Omemo ver Beta 0.27 is the best Internet & Network File Sharing & Peer to Peer for Windows . This Windows 's Internet & Network developed by Omemo File Sharing & Peer to Peer developed by Omemo is free and legal to use. it's have 9 rating from 26 users. More informastion about Omemo you can read below :

There are many ways to create and manage backup copies of your files, but what if you could store them in a virtual drive?

This is the main idea behind Omemo: having a universal virtual drive shared by all its users in order to save backup copies of any kind of files.

So far, so good. The problem comes when trying to manage files in your virtual drive: transfers are so incredibly slow that it may take up to 15 minutes to just upload a single photo.

Besides uploading content, you can also freely browse what other people have uploaded to Omemo. Contents are classified into several categories (Audio, Video, Documents, Images and so on) and there's also a search tool which I found to be particularly annoying: the search process can't be stopped and search results can't be sorted in any way.

While the program seems to be intended to backup and share files, there are still some serious issues that worry me. First of all, security: I was actually able to delete other people's folders (don't worry, they were empty) without being asked for a mere username or password, so who assures me nobody will do the same with my stuff?

Second, speed: the program takes ages to download even the smallest files. And last but not least, organization: if my personal drive, which is managed only by myself, is already a mess, what about a drive managed by hundreds of users?

Just as an example, the "Miscellaneous" category was already filled up with a dozen empty testing folders.

Omemo's aim to offer an online shared virtual drive is certainly laudable; however, the program lacks the necessary requirements to achieve success.

Store your files online, share your stuff and browse what other users have stored in the world's largest multimedia library: this is what you can do with the new Omemo peer-to-peer virtual hard-drive.

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