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Omniano ver is the best Multimedia Audio for Pocket PC . This Pocket PC 's Multimedia developed by Hyonga Sheon Audio developed by Hyonga Sheon is free and legal to use. it's have 6 rating from 8 users. More informastion about Omniano you can read below :

If you've always wanted to play a musical instrument you no longer have to save up to buy the actual gear. Thanks to the latest software technology you can now learn to play a wide variety of different instruments.

Omniano, for instance, lets you play the piano on your Pocket PC. So, if you've dreamed of being the next Liberace or Elton John this could be just the app for you. This four-octave keyboard allows you to tinkle the ivories in a very simple and natural way using the touchscreen.

The Omniano keyboard is displayed full screen and the keys are large enough that they can be accurately pressed by even those with large fingers. To switch through the octaves you simply use the arrow buttons at the top of the interface. I was very impressed with the quality of the sound produced by Omniano, and given enough practice, I'm sure you could create some really impressive compositions.

There are a few slight flaws with Omniano, the first being that there is no record feature. It would be great for budding songwriters if there were a function whereby tunes could be captured and played back. Another drawback is that the instructions for Omniano are all in Korean (so maybe there is a record feature and I just can't find it!)

If you're a budding songwriter or wannabe pianist then Omniano provides a cheap and easy way to put your genius into practice.

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