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Original Journey is an indie sci-fi adventure. Explore the dangerous Planet Shadow as a rookie soldier, using weapons and mech armour in a hand-drawn world full of dangerous aliens.

Alien adventure

Original Journey is a fairly typical action adventure style game with an impressive 2D hand-drawn art style. The player wakes up to find his commander berating him for being late, throwing them into a short tutorial section. From that point forward, it's all action. Procedurally generated levels consists of turret placement, weapon choice and crazy action. The screen can sometimes become too cluttered by masses of enemies and detailed stats, but beyond this minor compliant Original Journey is an overall success. The rogue-like/RPG elements consisting of upgrade trees and weapon collections add a nice touch of progress while the randomness create a feeling of constant freshness. As an indie title, there is a certain lack of depth to the plot but, with the focus solidly on action, this is merely a stylistic choice. The game may only hold a player's attention for a few hours until optimal strategies are discovered, however.

Action first

Original Journey is a decent but simple action indie title. The art style and weapon choice add some longevity to the game but it is still a fairly simplistic experience.

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