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Pixlr Editor ver varies-with-device is the best Games Utilities for Windows . This Windows 's Games developed by Pixlr Utilities developed by Pixlr is free and legal to use. it's have 10 rating from 17 users. More informastion about Pixlr Editor you can read below :

Pixlr Editor is quite similar to other programs such as GIMP or Photoshop and yet, it is associated with a small file size while still retaining the functionality of more advanced systems. Users can adjust various parameters within an image and thanks to a simple layout, accessing specific tools should not present an issue.

Primary Uses and Options

Pixlr Editor is a highly advanced software bundle which appears nearly identical to Adobe Photoshop. All tools are found on the left-hand side of the page while layering and other adjustments can be accessed via a right-hand menu. Core functions such as opening a file, saving an image or exporting a photo to a different location can all be accessed with a simple click. Some of the functions offered by this editor include adjusting levels, modifying contrast, changing RGB hues and applying various effects directly into an image.

Other Details

One unique feature which is not offered by other free bundles is a lasso tool (an easier way to highlight a specific portion of an image). Pixlr Editor has simplified the process of layering and users can add additional elements to an existing image within no time at all. A file size of just over 30 kilobytes is a final advantageous feature to be mentioned.

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vgopi nath 1 September, 2018

nice to use . so cool, like a friend ............ work with it