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Pocket Uno ver 1.63 is the best Games Board for Pocket PC . This Pocket PC 's Games developed by Programaro Board developed by Programaro is free and legal to use. it's have 8 rating from 136 users. More informastion about Pocket Uno you can read below :

Despite all the latest computer gaming technology and newfangled consoles, it's often the most basic games that stand the test of time - like Uno, for instance.

Pocket Uno is a Windows Mobile version of the classic card game, whereby you need to be the first person to get rid of all your cards. It's a faithful recreation of the original, with the same colors and designs on the cards and exactly the same rules.

It actually takes a little while to get into Pocket Uno. For starters, the program first launches in Esperanto for some bizarre reason. Luckily, you can change this to one of five other languages via the 'Lingvo' option. Also, if you've never played Uno before you might want to read the rules on the Internet or in a book first because there is no help file included.

There are several options available in Pocket Uno to help you customize your games. There are three difficulty levels, controllable animation speed, plus the ability to toggle on and off the background display. Unfortunately though, you can't change the number of computer opponents (it's set at three) and, more crucially, there's no multiplayer option.

Despite these shortcomings, Pocket Uno is still and enjoyable and well-presented version of a card game classic.


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Anonymous 8 December, 2009

s an ability to have multiple players so if you're stuck in the subway or on a trip, it should keep everyone busy for a while. Pros: Easy to use, stable and works on Mobile 6.1. Cons: None that I can think of.