PocketPC WiFi Monitor

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PocketPC WiFi Monitor ver is the best Internet & Network Wifi for Pocket PC Windows Mobile . This Pocket PC Windows Mobile 's Internet & Network developed by Exosyphen Wifi developed by Exosyphen is buy and legal to use. it's have 5 rating from 4 users. More informastion about PocketPC WiFi Monitor you can read below :

Now that using the internet has become something of an outdoor activity thanks to the sudden explosion in wireless connections it is increasingly important and useful to know of the number of network connections lingering in the airwaves. However, more than that, it's essential to get quick details on signal strength and security and to be updated when a new network is found.

With this software you get free updates for the rest of your life and can redownload it anytime you want. The WiFi monitor lets you scan for wireless connections, adjust the scan speed and hide secure or peer networks. It's an effective tool but if you already have a wireless facility then it should do much of this for you.

PocketPC WiFi Monitor, is a small utility tool, that allows you to quickly scan for wireless networks around you, and display useful information about them.


Detailed network info: SSID, signal strength, channel, type and security Ability to filter displayed networks (hide secure networks and peers) Sound alerts, when a new network is found Updates are completely free, for lifetime, for this software. Redownload your software anytime you wish, completely free, for lifetime.

  • PocketPC WiFi Monitor
  • PocketPC WiFi Monitor