QoS Scanner

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QoS Scanner ver 0.1 is the best Internet & Network Wifi for Pocket PC . This Pocket PC 's Internet & Network developed by SpartanCoders Wifi developed by SpartanCoders is free and legal to use. it's have 5 rating from 9 users. More informastion about QoS Scanner you can read below :

QoS Seeker for Pocket PC is a tool that allows you create a QoS map of your Wi-Fi network which aids you in finding local areas which provide better connections. QoS Seeker for Pocket PC version 0.1 generates a QoS map as a Microsoft Pocket Street “pushpin” file which can be imported into Microsoft Pocket Streets.

The QoS map contains signal strength and link speed information of your Wi-Fi network.

Excellent WiFi connection tool.

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