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RunKeeper ver 4.3.4 is the best Lifestyle Sports for Android iPhone . This Android iPhone 's Lifestyle developed by FitnessKeeper Sports developed by FitnessKeeper is free and legal to use. it's have 7 rating from 45 users. More informastion about RunKeeper you can read below :

If you're into sport and have an Android, RunKeeper - an application that will let you keep track of your workouts - might be the app for you.

Despite the name, RunKeeper actually handles a variety of sports - from walking to skiing and skateboarding to wheelchair sports. There's even an "other" category in case your sport doesn't fit in. Once you choose the activity, hit Start Activity and RunKeeper will begin to monitor the workout.

RunKeeper uses GPS to track your progress, so it needs to be enabled. Using the data from the GPS, it will tell you how far you've gone, how fast you're going and how many calories you've burned. You can pause the workout, and when you're done, enter notes on how it went. You'll also be able to view your workout on a map by pressing the map icon to the left of the total distance display. Just a word of warning: give RunKeeper's GPS function a few minutes to fix location before starting, or you could end up with an inaccurate reading.

RunKeeper also keeps a record of all your workouts, so you can look at them later. The application gives you the option to register for a RunKeeper account, but it doesn't really explain the benefits. You can use the app without registering for RunKeeper Pro, but some of the options, such as posting to Facebook and Twitter will not be enabled in RunKeeper Free.

RunKeeper is a good app for keeping track of distance, time and calories when working out, but for the best functions, you'll have to register.

various bug fixes


various bug fixes
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People Review for RunKeeper

Anonymous 6 November, 2014

Like the app, but is is too unreliable. My experiences are the same. Runkeeper is very unreliable and crashes reguarly. My phone sometimes shuts down time after time. Sometimes i have to edit my bike rides in runkeeper because it did not keep track of my ride. I am unhappy with the app. I wish it was more stable, more reliable. Pros: It keeps up with my rides Cons: it is unreliable. They have to make it stable

Anonymous 11 May, 2014

I love it, but it's unstable.. I just got a new phone, partly because RK was unstable and crashed with it. RK lost track with my new one, XCover2, also. Heart rate works well and everything goes ok for 1 km, but after that: Crash. Makes me crazy. Please make a lite version without any graphics, social media, audio etc. Just an app to record the time, pace and HR. I'd pay good money for that. You have all my running data for the last three years, I'd hate to change the app. Pros: Getting all excercise data from gym (weight training-app) and running to the same place Easy to use web UI Cons: Stability. I have to edit each run from the website and I'm losing data from the beginning of the run every time. Sometimes the whole run just disappears as the app crashes.

Anonymous 18 January, 2014

it is giving many problems. no testing has been done for this app and it is giving so may problems as it stop working during workout Pros: maps history Cons: app stoping abruptly

Anonymous 12 September, 2010

Best Free App For Walkers And Runners. RunKeeper is the best free app if you want to track how many miles you walked/ran as well as the speed you ran. It was originall released only for iPhone (shocking how Softonic has RunKeeper for Android listed and reviewed before iPhone's version that came out first). There are a few different walking GPS apps for Android out there but no walking/running app is better than RunKeeper. The downside is sometimes it doesn't instantly count how far you have walked/ran. If your GPS doesn't work right then your not going to get accurate readings. Sometimes it will also take awhile to count your calories burned which can make it seem even more inaccurate with calories than it is. Overall I have found RunKeeper a rather effective app for iPhone but usually only used it for clocking my MPH which I average about 3 MPH walking at a normal pace. As for calorie burning goes, people don't realize how many calories they can burn per minute. Of course the heavier you are and the faster you run/walk the more calories you will burn. Age, Height and Gender are other determining factors. People will look at an app that says they burned 100 calories in 30 minutes and think it's inaccurate because they don't believe it is possible. I can tell you from experience that I burn over 3 calories a minute when I walk. Some will burn more, and some will burn less. It's not RunKeeper that tells me this either. It's from personal experience. Note: The iPhone version needs to be added. Also for anyone who is trying to lose weight like me (better late then never, huh?) you should download LoseIt if your using iPhone which will adjust everything based on your daily weigh-in. If you use Android then you should go with FatSecret. With FatSecret you have to adjust you have to keep updating it if you want accurate readings. It's a little more of a pain than LoseIt but it's the best Android has to offer. Pros: Logs How Fast You Run/Walk Tells You The Distance You Have Ran Allows You To Save Activities (At Least iPhone Version Does) Cons: Some Question The Accuracy Of Calories Burned Can Take Time To Start Up Can Take Awhile To Update Calories And Distance