Samorost 3

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Samorost 3 ver 2016 is the best Games for Windows Android . This Windows Android 's Games developed by Amanita Design is buy and legal to use. it's have 5 rating from 1 users. More informastion about Samorost 3 you can read below :

Mobile games tend to either be a stripped-down version of an existing 3D game, or some kind of strategy or freemium mashup. The best ones stand out when they do something a little different and best of all, when the game looks good despite the small screen and limited capabilities. Samorost 3 is a great example of this, by the popular developers Amanita Design. This puzzle adventure will leave you charmed and amazed.

A Lovingly Crafted Game

Samorost 3 really stands out visually. This game leads you through a series of 2D scenes which are lovingly drawn with really high quality artwork. Knowing that 3D capability can only go so far on mobile, itís wise to focus instead of actual artistic quality instead of graphical complexity. The world of Samorost 3 is a fantasy, packed with strange and unusual creatures. The Eastern European origins of the team really shine through in this fairy-tale game. Your main emphasis is to explore these beautiful scenes and solve puzzles. Work your way through nine alien worlds and discover their secrets.

A Quick, Fun Experience

The downside to Samorost 3 is that itís quite a short game. Some also find the art a little jarring. However, this is such as relaxing, charming game that itís well worth exploring. Youíll also find some brilliant music in the gameís score, so itís worth playing with headphones.

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