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Seeing AI ver 1.0 is the best Lifestyle Medical for Windows iPhone . This Windows iPhone 's Lifestyle developed by Microsoft Corporation Medical developed by Microsoft Corporation is free and legal to use. it's have 10 rating from 11 users. More informastion about Seeing AI you can read below :

Seeing AI is an app that allows blind people to take photos. Blind people may also like to keep a record of their times and events, and they may also need to take photos to ask other people questions where their photos provide a visual aid. This tool uses your mobile camera and narrates the world around you so you know what you are photographing.

A surrounding and object-identifying app

Seeing AI was built for people who are blind or who have poor vision. When the app is running and the camera is active on your phone, it will narrate what it sees with a computerized voice (like Siri or Google pronunciation tools). The tool is not foolproof because there are many items that it cannot recognize because they are not in its library/catalogue, but the app itself is a good effort from developers. The app is able to read short pieces of text, but it has trouble reading documents. It can read barcodes too, but it is tricky for blind people to find barcodes on an item.

Send pictures to your friends

The tool allows blind people to find out what they are pointing their camera at. If the Seeing AI app doesn’t recognize what it is pointing at, then a blind person may take a photo of that object and send it to a friend to ask them what it is. The tool is able to capture printed pages, but it is not very good at it. You need a high mega pixel camera on your Smartphone; otherwise, the app is pretty hit and miss. In addition, it is able to recognize many household objects, but it cannot recognize a great many things because it still needs more entries into its items catalogue and index. Hopefully, the developers will continue to add items into their catalogue.

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