Snails Reloaded

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Snails Reloaded ver is the best Games Action for Pocket PC . This Pocket PC 's Games developed by Pdamill Action developed by Pdamill is buy and legal to use. it's have 0 rating from 0 users. More informastion about Snails Reloaded you can read below :

How much do you hate Snails? Do you hate them enough to kill them with rocket launchers and Uzis? If the answer is yes, Snails Reloaded is the game for you.

Taking control of a crack team of Snails, the aim of this turn based casual game is to use your arsenal to destroy the opposing snail team. The gameplay owes a great deal to the classic and mobile-ubiquitous Worms franchise, with a twist: You control snails, not worms.

In the full game it's possible to play multi-player death-matches, though not in the demo, which is a shame as that's when this type of game really comes into its own.

The graphics are cartoonish and clear, although the backgrounds are not well designed for moving around. The onscreen messages during the games are pleasantly humorous, but the music doesn't seem to fit well with this snail-ageddon. The random placing of your Snails often seems a bit unfair too, as often they are stranded too far from the action with no way to escape.

As a short diversion, Snails Reloaded is pretty fun, but ultimately design flaws mean it lacks the depth of the original Worms.

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