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Snipping Tool++ ver 6.4.5 is the best Utilities & Tools for Windows . This Windows 's Utilities & Tools developed by Snipping Tool++ is free and legal to use. it's have 8 rating from 259 users. More informastion about Snipping Tool++ you can read below :

Snipping Tool++ is a free and simple application which enables users to take a screenshot of a specific online page. This version is the next unofficial upgrade in the Snipping Tool line of software and it provides several unique benefits when compared to its predecessor. Java Runtime Environment is required in order for the package to function properly.

Features and Uses

There can be many instances when the user will need to save a portion of a web page. Some examples include debugging procedures or when a file must be shared between multiple users. Another distinct advantage of Snipping Tool++ is that multiple languages are supported. The original was only available in German. It also contains a basic image editor in the event that the specific details within a page need to be blurred out in order to address privacy concerns. It can be used to take a snapshot of an entire page or to record a highlighted portion.

Other Benefits

Snipping Tool++ allows the user to save all files directly to their hard drive. However, it is also possible to upload such files to the image hosting site Imgur. As Snipping Tool++ is only 2.3 megabytes, it offers a much smaller memory footprint when compared to similar choices.

Quickly and easily upload screenshots or snippets of your desktop to and get a link copied to your clipboard.

Snipping Tool++ is a dedicated imgur snippet/screenshot uploading tool with hotkey support, local image saving, and deletion link history! With Snipping Tool++ you can quickly upload a screenshot to and get a link back that you can paste to your friends or to any social media site. Snipping Tool++ also allows you to upload multiple images at once. Your upload links are saved in a history in case you need the link in the future.

Snipping Tool++ also gives you the capability to delete any of your uploaded images from Imgur with a simple button click.

+Customize-able Hotkeys - With the quick press of a key have the Snipping Tool++ snippet capture overlay up and ready!

+Multi-Image uploader - Upload groups of images from your computer and get links back for all of them in a single drag and drop.

+Basic Image Editor - Blur or block out information before uploading.

+Upload Quality Control - Decrease the quality of your uploads to increase the upload time. Great for people with slow upload speeds!

The benefit of using Snipping Tool++ over our competitors is that it is completely free. It's open source. And it is continually updated. Our motto is to keep Snipping Tool++ simple yet powerful, when you use Snipping Tool++ everything is very intuitive. The program is not bloated with a million settings.

--Unique Features--

+Upload to your personal FTP server.

+Keeps an anonymous upload history.

+Portable, Does not require an installer

+Multi-Snippet Capture

And more coming!

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People Review for Snipping Tool++

Shahidul Islam 22 July, 2018

it has 60 is very smooth and work smoothly. Many people like it. So I like it.

Samir Omar 31 March, 2018

One of the best tool that help inserting photos and help in producing good presentation

angry gaming 29 March, 2018

nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing.

Sunil Kumar 5 June, 2017

it is very helpful tool for screen capturing. it is a good tool to cut the screen images i have a good experience with this tool Pros: cut & paste okay Cons: size of the dialogue box appearing is not in a good way otherwise it is too good