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TaskTrack ver 1.0 is the best for Mac . This Mac 's is buy and legal to use. it's have 0 rating from 0 users. More informastion about TaskTrack you can read below :

TaskTrack is a handy application to monitor the time spent on different apps and documents. It can be particularly useful in project management and to keep yourself organized when working. The program requires no configuration, just start it up and it will begin monitoring, even for applications you open up afterwards.

The interface felt a bit cluttered but provided useful information. The piechart is a good way to quickly see what is taking the most of your time. You can also create a watchlist to monitor just the projects you want. The program also lets you watch subprojects and monitor them both in digits and percentages. TaskTrack also lets you set the top applications to watch and a schedule for monitoring.

TaskTrack is a simple program to monitor time spent on different applications and projects.

No data entry required to seamlessly track the documents you have spent time working on during your day. Zero configuration needed, just run the application and start the monitor. It has the following new features:

Ability to view time spent on any document or project for any given date and time range. Sparkle based updating system. Piechart of application use. Basic document management. Full project management, including subprojects. Filter based search of documents on a application by application basis.

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