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Trello ver 2017 is the best Project Management for Windows Mac Android Web Apps iPhone . This Windows Mac Android Web Apps iPhone 's Project Management developed by Atlassian is free and legal to use. it's have 8 rating from 10 users. More informastion about Trello you can read below :

Trello Desktop is a free, fully-featured desktop version of the free Trello organizational app. Trello is very simple in its approach: you can create several headings, columns of things that you have done or about to do or have completed, for example, and can move individual items between each of them. This both keeps you focused and serves as a reminder of how far you've come. Trello Desktop adds additional features you may not find on the web app, however.

Get Down And Dirty

Trello Desktop is at its best with small scale project. Trello cards, which represent individual tasks, fit into boards, which can represent various stages of a project or various different needs. From the interface to the app itself, everything runs better when you have a few boards and a lot of cards. For large, granular projects it won't perform as well, but it is perfect if you need something simple, and it has fantastic hotkeys.

It'll Help If You Need It

Trello Desktop is a useful extension of an already quite good organizational tool. Despite some deficiencies, Trello is a very simple platform for organizing your work and synergises particularly well with small-scale projects that do not need a lot of collaboration or have a lot of data to work with. Trello is constantly expanded with new features as of this writing, so you may find it even more useful than this review indicates.

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