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Ummy Video Downloader ver is the best Multimedia Video for Windows . This Windows 's Multimedia developed by UmmyVideoDownloader Video developed by UmmyVideoDownloader is free and legal to use. it's have 8 rating from 2,400 users. More informastion about Ummy Video Downloader you can read below :

If you've ever wanted to watch a favorite video without an internet connection or take a clip from a YouTube video to use in a presentation, you'll have been frustrated by the fact that you can't download videos from the internet's most popular video site. Ummy Video Downloader is a YouTube downloader where you access multimedia files offline. It's simple and easy to use, in part because it doesn't offer a very broad range of features. In comparison with other video downloaders like Snaptube or TubeMate YouTuvbe Downloader, Ummy is noteworthy for it's speed and efficiency.  

How it works

Using Ummy Video Downloader couldn't be simpler. It's user friendly design enables you to download videos safely and with just two clicks. Open up the app and paste the URL of a YouTube video into its field. The video's thumbnail will pop up after a moment and it will begin downloading.

You can choose to save your files as MP4 format videos, MP3 audio, MKV, FLV, MOV or AVI, covering all the basic options most of us are familiar with. If it's a video file, you can specify the resolution in order to keep the file size manageable. Adding multiple files to the downloader creates a queue of videos that will be downloaded in order. It really is as simple as that.

The benefits and flaws of simplicity

Because it's quite a small, light-featured piece of software, Ummy Video Downloader won't put any very strenuous demands on your computer. However, this simplicity also means that hardcore videophiles may feel that it lacks some options they were hoping for. If you have a lot of files you want to download, the process can be a little slow; its videos download sequentially rather than simultaneously. It doesn't offer a huge range of options for file format (although it does cover all of the most likely options), so if you want to convert a video into a different format you'll need other video editing software. If you're downloading a playlist, you'll have to do it one video at a time -- Ummy will only take the video currently playing. Earlier versions of this software also couldn't download video from other video sharing sites, but Dailymotion videos now work just as well as YouTube.

Another thing to watch out for is additional downloads bundled with this program. Choose the right options during installation so that you don't end up with unwanted software components like browser toolbars or a new default search engine. These aren't malware per se, but they're a nuisance nonetheless.

Get the videos you want

Ummy Video Downloader is a simple, efficient video download program with no extraneous bells and whistles. If you just want to download some videos for offline viewing, it's an excellent choice because of its simplicity and ease of use.

However, bundled software options can make installation a little fiddly. And of course, remember that YouTube's terms of service don't allow unauthorised downloads, so make sure you only download videos where you have permission to do so.

Download HD videos or MP3 from YouTube and DailyMotion in just 2 clicks!

Ummy Video Downloader is a simple and handy program to download HD and MP3 from YouTube. So, you can watch videos and listen to music anytime, even if there is no Internet connection available. Ummy Video Downloader helps you save HD videos with sound from YouTube and DailyMotion, lets you extract MP3 from any video, and give you a possibility to choose a video format. Create your own super music collection and enjoy it anytime wherever you are!

Fast and simple!

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People Review for Ummy Video Downloader

Yakotzin Enríquez 9 August, 2018

no me sirvió para nada. al menos la versión gratuita no me dejó descargar nada, lo único disponible que aparecía era el botón de comprar la versión de paga. ¿quién me dice que servirá?

Soerachmad Soeryodibroto 6 August, 2018

good good very good downloader for dowbload youtube video thank ypu verymuch

Mohan Rangan 2 August, 2018

it beautiful , very fast download. i recommanded this software

Shantanu Ganguly 20 May, 2018

I am using this software for quite sometime. But now a days I am finding a different type of problem. Every time I put link in the URL box, it says no internet connection. Initially I thought this is a problem with specific you tube but it is persistent with other videos too. I have purchased the software also, because in the free version it stopped downloading and saying that you have exceeded the limit. I do not know whom to contact for the technical help desk.

Strastinho Master 16 June, 2017

i like this app since i knew it. your app is grate and help many people while downloading some video and audio files.

Pavan Kumar 21 May, 2017

many options in downloading. perfectly working in windows7 and also very easy to open and close Pros: type of formats loading Cons: no maximize option only 128 kbps for mp3 format