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Uservoice is a tool that allows you to gain feedback about your products so that you may use the information it generates to improve your products and services. The tool uses widgets, online portals and mobile user features to pull information from your product users. The key to your success with this tool is to actively encourage your users to actually use the tools that Uservoice provides. If you do, then this tool may help you improve your future products and services.

Tapping into the only information that matters

Social media and online reviews allow companies to see what people don’t like, but knowing what people don’t like is only a small part of what makes a product great. You need to know what people like more than what people don’t. For example, Quentin Tarantino has made some of the world’s most original movies, but he has legions of people who hate his movies. If he only listened to his critics, then Kill Bill would have looked more like Toy Story. The Uservoice tool allows you to pull positive information about your products and services, which is always very difficult because people don’t tend to give positive feedback because they have no motivation to do so. Most people are only willing to give feedback if they are unhappy because they feel cheated.

Collection via a portal, widget, mobile and contributor sidebar

There are four ways in which the Uservoice collects information. It helps you encourage people to leave feedback, which is more than many other tools do. Most other tools give you your online reputation by adding up metrics from review websites, but that is not how this product works. It offers you four tools that you may place in front of your customers with encouragement to help you improve your products or services.

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