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VGBA ver (UIQ 3.0) 3.4 is the best Games Utilities for Symbian . This Symbian 's Games developed by SpartanCoders Utilities developed by SpartanCoders is buy and legal to use. it's have 6 rating from 6 users. More informastion about VGBA you can read below :

I've always been a big fan of the Game Boy and although I never got around to buying a DS, my GB Advance was one of my most treasured posessions. Like most of my most treasured posessions though, I lost it. However, now I've discovered that I can play my old games onmy phone thanks to this emulator for the Symbian platform.

Provided you already own the game, VGBA allows you to run a ROM version of it on your cellphone. You just need to save the ROM into a certain directory and the app will detect them and allow you to browse through and quickly load them. Of course you can install ROMs of games that you don't own but you might end up with the feds tailing you on the bus.

The app itself is pretty well put together, with several options, including the ability to customise game controls and auto-detect ROMs. The emulator falls down in the fact that unless you have a very powerful phone (the developer recommends a processor of 200MHz as an absolute minimum) the games run very slowly. I was keen to show off my skills at FIFA but it proved impossible to play properly on my phone, as is the case with many fast-paced, graphics-intensive action games run through VGBA.

However, if you have a phone with a high specification or just want to play basic puzzle games VGBA provides a great way to relive your Game Boy glory days.

VGBA will run Nintendo GameBoy Advance cartridges from .gba and .gba.gz files. Place your ROM files into E:\Others\VGBA, but please, make sure you own the actual games. I have put a lot of work into optimizing VGBA on Symbian.

Unfortunately, most phones are still too slow to run GBA emulation at the full speed. My 208MHz Nokia E70 runs VGBA at 25..50% of the full GBA speed. This is sufficient to play role-playing and puzzle games, but most action games feel sluggish, like Java games.

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