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VideoHound ver 2006 3.0.2 is the best Lifestyle for Palm OS . This Palm OS 's Lifestyle developed by Pocketsensei is buy and legal to use. it's have 10 rating from 3 users. More informastion about VideoHound you can read below :

If you’re looking for an entertaining application for your Palm which you’ll use more than once, look no further than VideoHound. Its huge, expandable database of movie reviews impresses – but the sense of humour which pervades the program which really draws you in. Scoring films with bones (and Woofs for really bad movies) is a funny touch to the well written and concise reviews.

With add-ons to VideoHound, you can expand its capabilities to include images, technical specifications, prices, cast lists and much more – ensuring that VideoHound is a program you’ll continue to use, long after other applications have been uninstalled from your Palm PDA.

The definitive resource for movie reviews is now playing on a Palm OS handheld near you. We took every ounce of material from the behemoth, bestselling VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever, added an interface to pant over and packed it into one lean, mean movie machine. VideoHound contains ratings for 26,000+ movies and extended reviews of all top-rated films.

VideoHound allows you to search by movie, actor, director, cinematographer and composer - ensuring that whether you're looking to complete your collection, trying to work out the year your favourite film was made, or simply winning an argument, this program is the perfect choice.

A must for movie buffs, fascinating for anyone else. VideoHound is a classic in its own right!

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