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X-Ray ver for Android 1.0 is the best Security & Privacy for Android Windows . This Android Windows 's Security & Privacy developed by Duo Security is free and legal to use. it's have 8 rating from 19 users. More informastion about X-Ray you can read below :

X-Ray is an Android APK by Duo Security that helps protect your Android smartphone or tablet from different vulnerabilities. This safe and easy-to-use app is more than just a mobile antivirus software.

Class of Vulnerabilities

X-Ray has holistic knowledge about a range of vulnerabilities called “privilege escalation” vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities could be easily exploited by malicious apps that gain rooting privileges on your device and conduct operations that Android normally restricts. Several similar vulnerabilities have been found in Android’s core platform, which has affected almost all Android devices. A lot more such vulnerabilities have been found in OEM-specific extensions that could hurt a minor section of Android users. Most of these privilege escalations, unfortunately, are yet to be patched on the majority of Android mobile devices. And this is despite the vulnerabilities being many years old.

Downloading X-Ray and Its Safety

There are two ways to download X-Ray. You can visit xray.io/dl URL on your Android phone or tablet and download the APK, or you could scan the barcode on the desktop website. Before attempting the download, make sure you have modified the settings on your device to enable non-market app downloads and installations. Running X-Ray would have zero adverse effects on your device’s stability, security and performance. Except for the sideloading route, the app installs and functions like any other official Google Play mobile app. X-Ray can safely probe a vulnerability’s presence and it doesn’t need any special privileges for the operation.

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