Andaman7 - Synchronised Health Records

Andaman7 - Synchronised Health Records is the best Software for iPhone . Andaman7 is a free and collaborative health app providing Synchronized Health Records.

iPhone Health Records
Version 1.5.3

Pedometer and step counter

Pedometer and step counter is the best Software for Android . This step counter, also known to many as pedometer, records the number of steps you have walked and displays them again along with the, distance and walking time.

Android Health Records Pedometer Time Counter
Version 2.3 y versiones superiores


Andaman7 is the best Software for Android . Andaman7 is a free app for patients and health specialists. It allows you to safely create, manage and share health records.

Android Health Records
Version 0.9.7

Eat Informed - Glycemic Index

Eat Informed - Glycemic Index is the best Software for Android . With a database of more than 2400 records, our free app helps you decide in a second what foods are best for you.

Android Health Records A NET
Version 1.55